Hi there, friend! I’m Marc. I’ve been vlogging for what many would consider to be a short time. Since mid 2017. But after doing something daily and creating one after another for any length of time, you begin to hone in your process.

My youtube channel (link) is where my vlogging home lives as I’m sure yours does too. I also have a channel focused on architecture and design. The vlog channel is where you can find me most often.

Come say, “Hi.” I’m interested in getting to know more about you and your story.

Through vlogging, I’ve learned there is a story in each day. We just have to be looking and watching for what that is.

You might think your life is boring. You’re wrong. You are so wrong.

No one else is living your life. Your experiences. No one has your same opinions and circumstances. Your unique. That uniqueness is what sets you apart and will make your channel interesting.

The world wants to hear your story.