“Why would you Vlog?”

Are you wondering, “What’s the point in vlogging?” or maybe you’ve thought in the past, “I’m just not that interesting.”

I had this same thought. We all have this belief our life is boring.

We’re not jumping out of airplanes or rafting down waterfalls each and every day.

“What would drive someone to watch my life? Why would I share my day to day?”

My goal is to help you realize you should. You should share your day to day. Why?

Why is the most important question we can ask ourselves. It allows us to discover things you might not have known. Things hidden well below the surface. Ask why, until the answer stops changing. You will arrive at your answer, your reason. Asking why will allow you to define what it is you’re striving for. Most importantly why.

We’re all interesting. We all have a need to contribute to society. We want to be able to provide back to others. It’s how we feel connected with the world. Whether through entertainment or teaching. We want to give back.

Vlogging is a way to do that. Vlogs have a couple of styles. Adventure, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Educational…

What they have in common is they all give some insight into you.

Who are you? What is it like to be you. What is it like to work with you. What is it like to go to the grocery store with you.

As funny as it might sound to you, they all have a place and they all have value.

Even documentation vlogs. We all start there. “I’m doing this, now I’m here, look this happened.” I’m still there, trying to tell a story but not always succeeding.

I’m documenting. Getting my story out there as best I can. Being true and authentic. It’s important. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Vlogging is about being your authentic self. Being vulnerable. Connecting with community and sharing your life experiences.

I want to get to know you. The beginning rising storyteller on YouTube. What do you have to say?

People need to hear your story!

You might still be thinking, “Why would someone need to hear my story.” As much as you’re unique, there are people in the world that will identify with you. People you will have common interest and life experiences with.

They’re not copies of you, but they can relate. It’s important our society feels connected. We need community. We want to contribute. Vlogging is one way we can connect to people searching for you.

People are looking for someone with their same interests and beliefs. Someone they can identify with.

People need to hear your story.

I’m searching for new vloggers. People just starting the journey into vlogging and looking to tell their story.


Would you like to talk?

Interested in being on the podcast?


Hi there, friend! I’m Marc. I’ve been vlogging for what many would consider to be a short time. Since mid 2017. But after doing something daily and creating one after another for any length of time, you begin to hone in your process.

My youtube channel (link) is where my vlogging home lives as I’m sure yours does too. I also have a channel focused on architecture and design. The vlog channel is where you can find me most often.

Come say, “Hi.” I’m interested in getting to know more about you and your story.

Through vlogging, I’ve learned there is a story in each day. We just have to be looking and watching for what that is.

You might think your life is boring. You’re wrong. You are so wrong.

No one else is living your life. Your experiences. No one has your same opinions and circumstances. Your unique. That uniqueness is what sets you apart and will make your channel interesting.

The world wants to hear your story.


Welcome to the Vlogger’s Podcast

I’m extremely excited to start this podcast. The purpose of this show is to highlight those new vloggers in the YouTube community. To learn and support each other and discover those stories that make each of us unique.


The vlog will be forever changing. Evolving into whatever I plan to make it. That’s the idea of a vlog. It has the freedom to grow and adapt and change overtime.

It can be whatever you want it to be, on whatever platform you want it to be on.

You don’t have to be on YouTube. You could be uploading to your own computer. Do that. If you feel shy about starting, try uploading as unlisted or private video.

Go through the process for several months and see how it feels to be a creator. Sharing your words and your vision with others. Of course they will not be watching (yet) but you will be creating.

Eventually, you will feel ready to start publishing. This is exactly what I did for many months. I was creating a daily video and not publishing anything. Then it clicked.

I uploaded all the old content and started creating publicly. It has been a tremendous amount of fun. The benefits of creating are unexpected. Create daily. It’s what separates us humans from the animals.