Everything is for sale

Everything I have is for sale. All of it.

I will get rid of everything in my life that is no longer of value to me. And by value, I mean something I use often. It must perform a particular task for me often and add value to my life.

There are very few things that do this. All the other things must go.
It’s what I’ve determined. I will let it all go. It’s going to take time, but I’ve decided. This is the way to go. The direction is clear.

There are too many distractions around me. Too many things calling for my attention. Fix me. Put me away. Charge me.

All the things are pulling me apart and I would rather have the finances available. It all became clear when we thought about moving.

What would it take to move? How would we move all these things?

It’s too much and difficult to store all this stuff. Especially since we are in the mindset of downsizing. Going smaller.

All the things around me make me anxious. Nervous. I want it to just go away, but I don’t want to throw money away.

I will sell everything. I’ve started. I have a feeling it might take a while. It’s my mission now.

Don’t clutter your mind with useless knowledge

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We often think that it’s good to have vast amounts of knowledge on various subjects. What in reality we should be focused on is vast amounts of knowledge on one particular subject.

In the book think and grow rich Napoleon Hill talks about general knowledge verse specialized knowledge. It’s similar to what Pat Flynn says, “the riches are in the niches”

Focus on what matters and clear your mind of the rest. This focused attention will pay off.