Extreme Minimalism

Link to time stamp – 21:35

In this episode the minimalist host Cal Newport. Cal is know most for his focus on deep work and his emphasis on the negative impacts on society from social networking.
They discuss the impact the minimalist art movement has on the definition or perception of minimalist movement.
Does the Instagram image of two wooden chairs in an empty white room define minimalism? We are perceiving minimalism through the lens of Instagram.

Minimalism is more than a design movement. Joshua gets into how the extreme actual clarifies the message. The curated museum we are able to understand and appreciate the art. But nobody lives in a museum.

Expectations and Goals

Link to timestamp – 16:31

Goals are necessary to determine the direction in which we would like to go. But they are not the carrot that we need to continuously dangle in front of our faces to keep us going. In the episode above Amy Porterfield talks about James Clear’s book Atomic Habits.

What it takes to reach the goals we set are systems. Systems are the actions that we take on a daily basis to reach those goals we set. They use the example of sports. Watching the score board during the game does not win you championships. The practice, coordination with your team and the effort you put in before the games will take care of the score. Your systems will guide you towards your goal. Set up systems that will take you there, actions that will get you to where you want to be.

Take action and reach goals. Your expectations are those ideas that you’re not living up to some standard. You’re not who or where you want to be. Says who?

You need to start taking action to get to the place you want to be. Change your expectations. Stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on your system to reach your goals. Remember the journey to get there is what matters. Once you are there, it will be on to the next big goal. Enjoy the process.