I’ve run into a bit of a snag. I have this feeling that selling things on eBay is not going to be worth the effort. It’s the small stuff.

Nobody wants them. And to think I thought they had value. Even offered at a couple of dollars no one wants them. That shows you how little they are actually worth. Worth nothing.

Do I need to hold on to something literally worth nothing? Probably not.

Why would I take up space in my home? Why would I take the time to keep it all clean? All for something literally worth nothing. It’s sad.

Why have I been keeping these things? They don’t bring me joy. I rarely use them, if ever, yet I hold onto them.

They were gifts. I can’t get rid of a gift.

They are things I’m expected to have. I have to have the things that I’m supposed to have.

So silly.

I need to rid myself of these things and move forward. It’s too much for me to try and manage all the things. To try and keep everything that’s eating away at who I want to be. I have to clear it.

I will start to clear the clutter away from my life. There were some things I sold on ebay that were quick. Fast sellers and couple of things that took several tries. I get discouraged sometimes. I have this feeling that I’ll never get rid of the excess.

I will never be able to free myself from the clutter and live a more simple life. I should know it’s not true. It’s me trying to sabotage the plans I’m making. It’s me trying to get in the way of something greater. It’s the universe making it hard to complete something of value.

It takes time. It takes sacrifice. And it takes patience. I have to remember I didn’t collect all these things overnight. Years of bringing things into my home. Years. And I can’t expect to rid myself of them overnight.

It would be that kind of thinking that got me in trouble to begin with. Impulse. You have to curb the impulse. Be deliberate, not impulsive.

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