I Wish I Knew

It’s going to take a long time.

I’m having a hard time. I can’t see myself being a minimalist overnight. I can’t bring myself to tossing all my things into a dumpster.

There are still lots of things I can’t think about getting rid of. Things I find interesting. Things I find useful, but don’t use all the time. I don’t know. Am I just hanging on to things that are part of a past season.

I will eventually use these things again, right?

It’s like my interests have shifted. I spend more time on other things, but what if I want to get back into that thing.

It’s tough.

This is why it’s so important the new things I bring into my life are things I need. Things I will use for a long time. Or are they only things for a season of life.

I  have to consider whether the season is over or if it’s going to come back around. This makes me angry for putting my future self into this position. If only I would have known years ago. In my teens or even my twenties. Things could be so different.

I can’t look back and beat myself up for the past. I have to move forward. Be the person I want to become now.

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