What does it mean to focus? What does it mean to cut all the distractions and live intentionally? Live a life of purpose and intention. This is what I am exploring. The way there will be through the path of minimalism. Let’s go on this journey to see how community can form around an idea and similar values.

I’m learning. This site and life is about being intentional. Living towards a purpose with meaning. I will be gathering topics and things related to minimalism that resonate with me. Teachings from the community that speak to my values and beliefs. It’s a learning site.



I’ve run into a bit of a snag. I have this feeling that selling things on eBay is not going to be worth the effort. It’s the small stuff. Nobody wants them. And to think I thought they had value. Even offered at a couple of dollars no one wants them. That shows you how …

I Wish I Knew

It’s going to take a long time. I’m having a hard time. I can’t see myself being a minimalist overnight. I can’t bring myself to tossing all my things into a dumpster. There are still lots of things I can’t think about getting rid of. Things I find interesting. Things I find useful, but don’t …

Join In

I strive to live more intentionally.
Because of that, a lot of what the minimalist community has to say resonates with me.
These same principals or values are classic. They did not start with the minimalist, they hold true for a lot of people. Living intentionally is not only practiced by the minimalist community.
I’ve seen the same principles being carried our by various people creating and producing and what I believe to be living an intentional life. When things I see or hear resonate with me I try to capture them here. I take note and share what it is that I learned. A connection.
I’m very far from being a minimalist. I have stuff around me. I have tons of things. Lots of them are weighing me down and some I use daily. I would say I’m working on it. This site helps me get there. These ideas I’m collecting and sharing from others will be a reminder, a driving force, for me to be consistent with my intentions and goals. To be focused.
If you want to make the same changes and improvements in your life, follow along. We can grow together. Essays, Videos and Podcasts. These are all going to be the tools in which we explore this path. Let me know what you’re exploring and what ideas you have related to what we have going on here.

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